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Wholesale Mobile Phones

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In UK alone over 50,000 handsets are sold every day by consumers upgrading their old or unwanted mobile phones. Mobile Phones Factory specializes in bulk purchases of Used mobile phones from small to corporate size companies that are looking to recycle their old mobile phones.

We also offer same day pay out service on most of the devices. Considering the number of handsets companies are looking to sell our client sell us over 100 handsets a day without having to worry about the testing, data removal & repairing any faulty devices as we at Mobile Phones Factory specialize in getting the device ready for the next user in less then 5 minutes per device.

To get and quote and find out more about how you can recycling your mobiles, tablets or any other electronics gadgets simply call us or email us to find out more.

From Nokia 3310 to Apple iPhone XS Max we can buy any mobile phone as long as it switches on and does not have any major faults. Please note we do not buy blocked, barred or liquid damage mobile phones as they hold no value and not in accordance with industry standards.