wholesale mobile phones

Buying wholesale mobile phones has never been easier and more accessible. The wholesale mobile phone business has continues to astound experts with its accelerated growth. While much of this growth is due to increased mobile phone use in 3rd world country.

With the recent growth of telecoms industry & technology new businesses selling mobile phones such as online retailers, electronics stores, eBay traders, Worldwide buyers, Individual start-ups constantly struggle to remain competitive.

The Team behind Mobile Phones Factory specialize in the distribution of wholesale used mobile phones for over a decade. Making the most out of their minds, skills, expertise & technologies we have developed into one of the UKs and Europe's largest distributors of bulk wholesale mobile phones. With a varied range of mobile phones and tens of thousands of trade mobile phones ready to dispatch from our UK warehouses we distribute our phones to exporters, wholesalers, retailers, online sellers, shop owners, businesses & even start-ups.

mobilephonesfactory.co.uk is a trading division of Regenerate Global Limited.
The Regenerate Global Limited is incorporated and registered in England and Wales. Registration No: 08527053
Email:- sales@mobilephonesfactory.co.uk Call:-
0207 9938 787

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